Spring with Friends

9 Mar

Yesterday was beautifully, gloriously warm and sunny, and we were fortunate to spend it reconnecting with wonderful friends. We met Jeff and Lauren (both Matty’s shipmates from Rushmore) for lunch and then went to a park so Ruby could play and get out some of her boundless energy. Unfortunately my phone ran out of storage but I did get two cute pictures.



Boring Week

7 Mar

This week has been very low-key, but it did start with a snow storm which meant that Daddy got the day off on Monday and a late start on Tuesday. Joe loved the snow:

The kids love to nuggle together on our bed in the mornings:


We went over to play with some of Ruby’s friends today and she had such a good time that she did NOT want to leave. This is her in the midst of a 30 minute temper tantrum upon our return home, during which she climbed back into her car seat and buckled herself in. Please note her lack of jacket and shoes, despite the still frigid weather and my attempts to clothe her properly. Ruby’s shirt says “and though she be but little, she is fierce,” which is sometimes almost painfully true.


Union Market

2 Mar

Matty went to Philadelphia for the commissioning of the USS Somerset, so Elise and I decided to take the kids to Union Market in DC. It was a beautiful day and we all enjoyed great food and fun ambience. We bought osso bucco to make for dinner, which turned out delicious.

Joe did not want to get dressed in the morning:

Ruby loves the metro…

…and walking around the city:

Auntie Elise and Joe in front of Union Market:


Ice Skating

28 Feb

Our little family had another first this evening–Ruby met her match. Elise came up to visit (yay!) and we all went ice skating and then out to dinner. Ruby was SO EXCITED, and would demonstrate to me how she planned to twirl about the rink. Well, Kristi Yamaguchi (did I just totally date myself?) she is not, and this is the first physical activity that she has not conquered fairly easily. Eventually she quit in a frustrated, frigid puddle of tears. This is perfectly understandable for a not-quite-three-year-old, but I was kind of shocked. At least I got a few pictures before things really fell apart and we still had a good time.







Sleep, Glorious Sleep

27 Feb

Last night marked a huge milestone here at Chateau Shellock; it was the very first time that both children slept through the night in their own beds in their room! Joe woke up at 6:20, nursed, and fell back asleep in bed with me until 7:20. Ruby fell asleep last night just before 9 and slept until 8! Hooray!

I didn’t dare disturb them as they slumbered, so here are my happy, well- rested children today.


Joseph Eight Months

26 Feb

Joe turned eight months old yesterday, which was when I realized that I really needed to update this blog as his six and seven month pics weren’t even posted yet–yikes!

This last month has not been as eventful as the previous month for Joe, but he is getting faster and faster every day, cruising all over the place, and will let go and stand unassisted for a few seconds at a time. Joe is also enjoying eating all sorts of different foods. My sister Rachel introduced us to “baby-led weaning,” so Joe eats pretty much what we eat, in big chunks instead of cut up into tiny pieces or puréed. He loves this and so do I. Last night he enjoyed some yummy lo mein:

Our big boy–where does the time go?


Lots of Random Pictures, in No Particular Order

26 Feb

USNA ’77, ’01, ’05, ’33, and ’35 watching Navy beat Army:


The game made Joe sleepy so he napped on a Auntie Elise:

He also loved sleeping on sleepy PopPop:

And sleeping in with Ruby:

Mama and Elise came up to DC and went to the March for Life with the kids and me. It was frigid and oh so very worthwhile.



At the park by our house:

At the park by Mama and PopPop’s house:

With Grammy at my cousin Charlie’s wedding:

With Uncle Adam at the wedding:

Napping on Mommy:

Ruby at the Baltimore Aquarium with her friend Owen:

My sweet, happy, goofy kids:


Welcome Baby Caroline!

26 Feb

Matty’s brother Dave and his wonderful wife Natalie had their first baby last Tuesday, February 18th. Caroline Mae (or Callie, or Callie Mae) weighed 9 lbs 8 oz and measured 21 in long. And she is precious! The kids and I stayed up in NJ on baby watch so I got to see Callie Mae less than 24 hours after she was born. Even though she is a big baby she seemed tiny to all of us. We’re back home now and miss her already.




Joseph Seven Months

26 Feb

Joe’s sixth month was full of big changes. A few days in he started pulling himself up to stand and then a few days after that he took off crawling! Now Joe is really on the move and he is fast, including up the stairs and to anything you don’t want him to have. He loves everyone and is always ready to reward you with a huge toothy grin.




Snow Angel

26 Feb

This has been a very snowy winter and we have been loving every minute of it. Ruby especially enjoys playing in the snow, even at night.