Tio David

12 Nov

Here is Ruby with her awesome Uncle Dave, who arrived at our doorstep this very cold and rainy morning after biking the entire way across the country.

My brother-in-law Dave just amazes me.  He was out visiting us in April and told me that he wanted to bike across the country.  This seemed like a rather worthwhile and lofty goal to me–perhaps something to be added to a bucket list. Not to Dave.

He is an engineer on merchant vessels, so his schedule is (roughly) four months on then four months off.  Right after his visit with us Dave went back out to sea.  Upon his return he made preparations for a week, then drove down to Florida to begin his journey.  He started in St. Augustine on September 26th.

Dave weathered the elements, bike malfunctions, and a bum knee but made it all the way across, without having done any prior serious training.  This is perseverance at it’s finest, and I am so proud to call Dave my brother.

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