Archive | March, 2012

Back East

31 Mar

After a very hot and crowded flight we arrived at JFK this morning. Besides being pretty uncomfortable Ruby did just fine on the flight, and Cash did great! Matty’s Mom picked us up and we have had a nice lazy day in New Jersey. Ruby is just loving this time with her Mom-Mom and Popsie.



Away we go!

30 Mar

We’re at the airport, about to board our red-eye to New York. Cash is all set to fly down below with the luggage, and Ruby is excited to go see her grandparents. Matty and I are praying that she sleeps most of this flight (it is her 30th!).


Last Night in San Diego

29 Mar

Tonight is our last night in San Diego. I have lived here for the past seven wonderful years, and leaving is bittersweet. We are excited for our next chapter in Virginia, but we have been so very happy here it is hard to leave.

For our last night we went to Stone Brewery with my sister Elise and brother Adam, for some delicious food and beverages. The gardens there are beautiful and Ruby had a great time exploring with her Auntie Elise.





28 Mar

We ran a bunch of errands today, including dropping off our cable box at Cox. Ruby just loved this sign.



27 Mar

We had a super busy (and productive) day today. It was nice to take a few minutes to give Ruby a bath–she has so much fun splashing around with her ducks.



26 Mar

Our household goods were loaded into the truck today, so I took Ruby out and about to get out of the way. It was a gloriously beautiful San Diego day, and we enjoyed a lovely meal in celebration of our friend Suzanne’s promotion to Lieutenant Commander. Later on we got to meet up with old family friends from my childhood in Honduras, Kurt Ver Beek and his daughter Anna, at Point Loma Nazarene University. It was great to catch up and Ruby had so much fun playing around the gorgeous campus. When a group of four students meandered by she ran right over and joined them, just like she was on her way to class too.





Flower Girl

25 Mar

We had a wonderful time at our friend Suzanne’s beautiful wedding today. Ruby was the flower girl and did…well…ok I guess–really probably about as well as can be expected for a year old baby. She was darn cute at least.

Here is a picture of the three of us all dressed up, then one of Ruby before the ceremony, and the last picture is of her passed out after the reception.