19 Mar

Ruby had her 12 month check-up today. She is now 29 inches long (46th percentile) and weighs 19 lb 2 oz (21ist percentile).

This was a tough visit because she got her TB test, three shots (it was going to be four but i nixed the chicken pox vaccine), and had her finger pricked for an iron test and a lead test. The iron test was no problem–it was very quick–but they needed a lot of blood for the lead test and had to squeeze it, drop by drop, out of her finger. Ruby was miserable. I felt terrible.

Her iron test came back very low (9.2) so they redid it and the second test was the same, so we are starting her on an iron supplement. The doctor was very perplexed by her iron deficiency because she has so much energy and great color. Hopefully the supplement will help and her iron will be up at her next appointment.





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