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30 Apr

Ruby loves being on our bed. I wrapped her up in a big fuzzy blanket today and she thought that was hilarious. Later on I actually napped with her for a bit, which was so lovely. I have been super tired so it was nice to fall asleep with Ruby, even for a few minutes.



An Ocean Away

30 Apr

I have had the privilege of contributing to my alumni magazine, Shipmate, for the past few years.  My final column was published in March.  It is a fairly short piece and I was not able to get into all of the details of my opinions on women’s policy in the Navy and my decision to resign my commission, but I think I mostly got my point across.

One major point that I did not explicitly state in the article is that my decision to get out and take care of Ruby full-time, while difficult, was made far easier by the fact that I had already completed my active duty service obligation.  Graduating from the Naval Academy requires a minimum of five years on active duty.  I actually sending up serving almost seven, including three years onboard a warship and a nine month deployment to Iraq.  It was very important to me to complete my obligation, and I  am glad that we had Ruby after my minimum sea duty was up, or I would have gone back out to sea.

Please let me know what you think.  The decision to work or stay at home to raise kids is not an easy one, and I would love some other perspectives.

On a side note, this is officially my last day on active duty.  I will always be proud to have served in the world’s finest Navy with amazing shipmates and friends.


29 Apr

We went to a great church today, Restoration Anglican in Arlington. Matty and I loved the service and the nursery staff said that Ruby was super happy the whole time. They also said that she gets really loud when she is excited (hmmm I wonder where she gets that?). We’re looking forward to going back in three weeks–the next two Sundays we’ll be out of town.

Ruby was so funny when she was playing today. I especially loved when she kissed her reflection in the mirror–no lack of self-esteem there!




28 Apr

Such a pretty baby, especially when she is sleeping peacefully.



27 Apr

Ruby’s new favorite trick is eating with a fork, which she just taught herself this past week. She is quite pleased with herself and gets upset when she is expected to eat with her fingers like some sort of savage.




Epic Fail

26 Apr

I didn’t get a single picture today, so we did a quick emergency photo shoot en route to bed. These were the best pics I got–really, the best. Ruby was ready for bed, in case you couldn’t tell.






25 Apr

The kids *literally* stopped to smell the flowers today.