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20 May

Even though it is Sunday Ruby was still hard at work on the computer. She got to relax with Daddy too, and even shared her goldfish crackers.




19 May

Alexandria finally *really* feels like home–we hosted our first (very small) dinner party.

Earlier today Ruby had a great time eating a Popsicle and playing in the sprinkler. She also climbed up onto Cash’s new favorite spot, looking out the window.




18 May

Matty had a successful first week at work and we are all ready for the weekend! Ruby and I got way too used to having him around.

Here’s our princess, trying to play with her sleeping doggy and rocking out two different shoes.



17 May

Joined the YMCA today–it’s time to get back in shape! I might actually try Zumba tomorrow morning. Ruby had a great time wandering around meeting everyone and especially enjoyed playing with Tio David while I filled out paperwork.

After the Y we went grocery shopping. Ruby was so tired she slept in Tio’s arms.




16 May

Tio David, Ruby, and I drove home from NJ today after another fabulous visit. Tonight we all went over for a lovely (and delicious) dinner with some new friends.

Here is happy Ruby playing after we got home today; she was so happy to be out of her car seat!


14 months

15 May

Sweet Ruby is 14 months today. In more exciting news we got to see her beloved Auntie Elise this morning! Ruby was so happy to be reunited with her nanny again.




14 May

Today was Matty’s first day at his new job at the Pentagon. Ruby and I are in NJ but I got the rundown over the phone and it sounds like this will be a great job. Hooray!

Mom-Mom, Tio David, Ruby and I did some shopping today. Ruby decided that she wanted to push the (heavy!) cart, which delighted the other shoppers. She is one strong baby.




Happy Mother’s Day!

13 May

Feeling so very blessed today, and every day, to have the most wonderful mother in the world. I thought I couldn’t love or appreciate her any more, until I had Ruby.

Now I understand how hard it is to be a mom–and I only have one! Mom has five and five grand babies, and always made it look so effortless.

And now that I am a mom too, my mother walks that line between being helpful but not overbearing, and giving advice while not being critical. She is simply perfect to me.

So thanks Mommy. I love you.

Last year we celebrated in California with my mom (the first picture) and this year we got together with Matty’s family at his cousin’s house in Pennsylvania. It was a wonderful time celebrating with my other mom, who I also love and appreciate!





12 May

Just got back from a fun BBQ with one of my very oldest friends, Jane, and her lovely family. It was great to catch up and I am so excited to spend more time together now that we live close by.

Of course I neglected to get pics at the BBQ, but here is Ruby all ready to go.



11 May

We had a very low-key day today, and it was nice to relax. We’re looking forward to a fun weekend reconnecting with old friends tomorrow and family on Sunday.

Ruby is so precious. I love her profile in the second picture.