29 Jun

Ruby slept in pretty late and then we stayed inside all day to avoid the horrific DC heat. This afternoon she helped me bake a delectable paleo chocolate cake.




One Response to “6.29.12”

  1. Mariellen June 30, 2012 at 10:45 am #

    I found a chocolate cake I want to try with my mom while I’m home next week. Where did you get yours? For my birthday I usually have a flag cake, but I wanted to make it paleo this year by doing a meringue instead of cake under the fruit. My mom’s excited to try it. Looks like Ruby likes the batter! P.s. did you really give Cash away? 😦 Ryan’s sister is fostering a yellow lab for us until we can meet her next week, then we’ll decide if we want to take on the responsibility of a dog.

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