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19 Jun

We’ve had a boring few days recovering from last weekend. Ruby has been catching up on her Dr. Seuss.


Happy Father’s Day!

17 Jun

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful Dads out there, and especially to my husband, my father-in-law, and my dear daddy.

In this age of absent fathers I feel particularly blessed to have been raised by a strong and godly man who was always there for my siblings and me. If the world were full of fathers like mine I believe that many of our societal ills would be virtually non-existent. 15 months ago another awesome dad was made when Ruby Jeanne was born and Matty became a father. He learned from his dad, and I am so glad that our children will grow up with a father like mine.

We had a fun day at the Jersey Shore with lots of family, and Ruby even got to see her Auntie Elise.






16 Jun

Ruby is having the best time at the beach house. Our lucky girl even got her own pink pool today.




15 Jun

Ruby and I drove up to the beautiful Jersey shore yesterday. So far she is loving life here.



15 months

14 Jun

Ruby will be 15 months old tomorrow, and today we had her checkup. She now weighs 20 lbs 6.7 oz, which is the 19th percentile for weight, and is 30 in tall, which is the 61st percentile for height. She is ahead on all her milestones and just a very happy, healthy girl!

She was very good for her new PCM but did not enjoy getting weighed for some reason.




13 Jun

My new friend Megan showed Ruby and I around Fort Myer today. It is a beautiful base and even has stables! Of course Ruby loved giving the (very gentle) horses kisses, and I loved spending time with Megan, who is a truly lovely person.



12 Jun

Ruby and I had a nice, boring day today just hanging around the house. She played a lot of her new favorite, which consists of grabbing a bunch of her “friends” (stuffed animals), her purse, and a blanket, then arranging them on her chair and sitting with them. She is funny.



11 Jun

Ruby is all ready for the beach this weekend!



10 Jun

Wow. What a wedding! Matty’s cousin Kim and her new husband Andrew are both incredibly artistic and hosted the wedding at their farm. Every single detail was thoughtful and beautiful, and it was wonderful to spend the weekend in a quaint, friendly town with our family.

My iPhone camera is broken so I haven’t been getting pictures, but here is one I sneaked with Matty’s phone. Ruby fell asleep on our way to the airport and then napped in her seat for another 45 minutes or so–this weekend wore her out!



9 Jun

We have all been loving Granville, Ohio. Ruby was in her element today in the beautiful downtown, greeting all of the friendly people and dogs. She also got to enjoy a delicious (and messy) frozen custard with Popsie.