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23 Jun

Picture from yesterday: Ruby on the balcony of our room overlooking beautiful Indian Lake.


No Good Very Bad Day

21 Jun

So my heart is breaking a little.

Our sweet doggy Cash, who loyal readers know well, growled and snapped at Ruby today.  She got a big gash in her neck and two trips to the ER as a result, and now it is time for us to find Cash a new home.

Cash has been a wonderful dog and this was just so…unexpected.  He has always been patient and loving with Ruby, but we just can’t risk another incident.  I think I was in denial that we would really have to get rid of him until Matty came home today and was as strong and firm on the issue as I needed him to be.

Today has been, hands down, my hardest day yet as a mommy.  Cash was our first baby and we love him dearly, but that love simply does not compare to how we feel about our little girl.  It is so very hard to know that we have to give him away, but we are determined to find a good and loving home for our big boy.

If anyone out there knows anyone who would be interested in adopting a wonderful pet, please let me know.  Cash is about three years old and weighs 93 lbs.  We adopted him from a lab rescue over two years ago and believe that he is a mastiff/rottweiler/lab mix.  He is a very well-behaved dog–he rides well in the car, walks well on the leash, and does not chew.  He can be left at home all day by himself very easily but loves affection too.  Really he is the perfect dog; he just should not be in a home with very small children.

Has anyone else ever had to give up a pet for a child?  Are we doing the right thing???

Ruby at the hospital, round two.

Ruby’s injury

Cash. Please help us find him a good home.


20 Jun

Ruby and I had a very productive day around the house, and Matty had a great day at work. This evening we went out to a local BBQ place, which Ruby thoroughly enjoyed.



19 Jun

We’ve had a boring few days recovering from last weekend. Ruby has been catching up on her Dr. Seuss.


Happy Father’s Day!

17 Jun

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful Dads out there, and especially to my husband, my father-in-law, and my dear daddy.

In this age of absent fathers I feel particularly blessed to have been raised by a strong and godly man who was always there for my siblings and me. If the world were full of fathers like mine I believe that many of our societal ills would be virtually non-existent. 15 months ago another awesome dad was made when Ruby Jeanne was born and Matty became a father. He learned from his dad, and I am so glad that our children will grow up with a father like mine.

We had a fun day at the Jersey Shore with lots of family, and Ruby even got to see her Auntie Elise.






16 Jun

Ruby is having the best time at the beach house. Our lucky girl even got her own pink pool today.




15 Jun

Ruby and I drove up to the beautiful Jersey shore yesterday. So far she is loving life here.