Archive | July, 2012


23 Jul

Ruby was so sad to say goodbye to her cousins (and PopPop and Auntie Rebecca too), but she was so tired that she slept the entire three hour car ride home. Here she is yawning this morning while Megan was giving her a goodbye hug.



22 Jul

Ruby just loves her cousin Ben. They were both so sleepy after a trip to the pool this afternoon.




21 Jul

Ruby got her first pedicure today from Mama. She just loves looking at her and Jenna’s pretty pink toes.


Megan got out the infant carrier and had so much fun carrying Ruby around that Ricky decided to put Ben in the backpack. Kids are so funny.




20 Jul

We drove down to VA Beach today and Ruby has been having a great time, playing with PopPop:

Skyping with Auntie Rachel:

and eating nectarines with her fellow paleo kids:



18 Jul

Another cheesy smile from Ruby; she now smiles on command.ImageImage


18 Jul

Lately Ruby has adopted the super cheesy picture grin, which I think is adorable.  As soon as I pull out the camera she stands there and scrunches up her whole face, which means that her pictures could get pretty repetitive.  

Our sweet angel seems to have inherited my (nonexistent) gracefulness–her left knee is all scraped up and her right knee has a huge bruise!

My friends Diane and Lizz from my Navy days came over for dinner tonight and we had a wonderful time catching up.  We stayed up pretty late, which is why I didn’t get my post out last night.  Normally I would have just written a little something before I went to bed but it is a bit more of a process when everything is not self-contained on my iPhone.  I am enjoying getting to know Matty’s camera though, and really like writing on our nice computer rather than typing with just my index finger on my phone.


16 Jul

Ruby and I had a super fun day with my friend Jane and her great kids at Fairfax Corner.  The best part?  An awesome interactive fountain that the kids all played in.  I am trying to get used to Matty’s camera but was pretty unsuccessful at getting any great pics at the fountain.  Luckily Jane told me about a photography seminar that I plan on attending in August.  Later in the day I got a couple of cute shots, including one of Ruby helping us clean up.

Ruby, Owen, and Henry running around the fountain area

The fountains at full blast–so much fun!