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Long Lost Friends

31 Aug

We all had the best time today hanging out with our friends John and Susan. John and I were in the same company (21!) at the Naval Academy and then were stationed together in San Diego for six years. He and Susan (who we love!) live in Houston now, and we haven’t seen them since Ruby was brand new. It was wonderful to catch up and just spend some time with some of our closest San Diego friends.




29 Aug

Ruby and I went on a nice long walk today, stopping at Target and then Foodway (the little Latino supermarket by our house. Ruby has not been loving the stroller lately–she wants to get out and walk–but she was so good today and even fell asleep shortly before we got home.


Tuesday night

28 Aug

Just cheesing for the camera before bed.


Playing…and playing some more

27 Aug

Ruby and I went on a walk today and stopped at a little playground. It was super fun and super wet–the rain from last night had not dried off yet and we were both drenched by the time we left.


Matty took Ruby outside to play on her wee! while I cooked supper and he got some great pictures.





Fort Washington

25 Aug

Matty, Ruby, and I had an awesome time exploring Fort Washington in Maryland today. Despite the heavy rain and a minor chin injury for Ruby, the trip was a success and we will return to see more. It really is just a huge old fort with all sorts of cannons and caverns all over the place. It was built to protect DC and you can definitely feel the history. Ruby especially loved running around in the rain.




Friday with Gary

24 Aug

Gary Sinise was made an honorary Chief Petty Officer at a very moving ceremony at the Navy Memorial in DC today. We all went to watch and had a lot of fun. Sadly I did not get any pictures of Gary, but I did get a bunch of Ruby, with her handsome Daddy:

Learning about John Paul Jones:

Finding a perfect Ruby-size spot:

Discovering her passion for bollards early, so she can follow in both of our First Lieutenant footsteps:



23 Aug

Ruby and I went to play outside today but when she touched the platform on her Kangaroo Climber she yelled “hot!” and pulled her hand away. It was indeed very hot outside so we headed back in after just a few minutes.

Tonight I attended a meeting with the Commonwealth Republican Women’s Committee, so Matty bathed Ruby and put her to sleep. When I came home and checked on her she was hugging her baby doll–too sweet!