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Super Saturday

4 Aug

Republicans across the country came out today in support of Mitt Romney and state and local candidates. Ruby and I went door-to-door in Old Town conducting a quick survey to gage support and distribute information. This was my first time and it went well. There was only one really hostile man but we remained friendly.

Of course Ruby was a huge hit with everyone (except the hostile guy). She was a trooper but it was HOT and she ended up taking a nap in the stroller.




3 Aug

Ruby didn’t sleep well last night and woke up fussy and with a slight fever so we had to cancel our plans to go to Wolf Trap. Instead we hung out at the house and watched the Olympics. Here is Ruby watching intently as Gabby Douglas won the gold medal in the women’s gymnastics all-around.

I could see the little wheels turning in Ruby’s head–she was thinking “that looks like fun!” I do think that I’ll be one of those mothers who puts her daughter in gymnastics at the earliest possible opportunity just to burn off some energy!


All Politics is Local…

2 Aug

…so I decided to get involved! Tonight I attended my first meeting of the Alexandria Republican City Committee, and it was very interesting. I met tons of people, including city council members and candidates for local and state-wide office. Now I have plenty of events lined up to keep me busy over the next month and a few new bumper stickers for my Subaru. I’m even more excited for the upcoming election now!

Of course I still got a few pictures of Ruby earlier in the day. It’s a good thing she is so cute because she’s been just about climbing the walls recently!




1 Aug

Ruby looked too cute today in her pink overalls from Uncle Danny and Auntie Elizabeth.

In other news I got most of my hair chopped off today. I almost feel like a plebe again.