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Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

Ruby celebrated her first real Halloween tonight (last year we were on a cruise). She dressed up as an owl and had SO MUCH FUN. She hooted for everyone and was generally adorable and sweet and perfectly behaved. Our neighborhood was overflowing with kids from the surrounding area and it was really fun to see all the costumes and meet some neighbors. Pretty much all of the kids were polite, which I appreciated.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Matty’s family and the whole Jersey Shore tonight. They are ok but still don’t have power, and we are waiting on word about the beach house in Lavallette, which Governor Christie said is one of the hardest-hit towns.

I realize that Ruby is doing her cheesy picture smile in all of these pictures, but I couldn’t decide on my favorite.






Oh Sandy

29 Oct

We had a quiet day here at home today. So far Sandy has not bothered us, and we hope that remains the case. We are most worried about Matty’s parents in New Jersey, which looks like it will be hit the hardest.

Because of Ruby’s recent obsession with fish we decided to watch “Finding Nemo.” Ruby has been extra snugly lately and wanted to sit with her daddy.


Pink Giraffe

28 Oct

Ruby looked especially adorable today in her cute green jumper with the pink giraffe. We had a quiet day–church then some organizing in the garage. We’re prepared for Sandy (I think), but barely had any rain or wind today. Matty’s work was cancelled for tomorrow so we are expecting it to get pretty bad tonight.





27 Oct

Ruby loved the Baltimore Aquarium so much that all week she has been asking to see the fishies. We decided to take her to the National Aquarium in DC today and she had a blast. It was a gorgeous day and the city wasn’t crowded so it was really nice to wander around a bit.

Here is Ruby looking at the baby alligators:

She’s a little less scared here:

Checking out some fishies:


Bedtime with Daddy

26 Oct

Ruby looked so cute today with her feet up on the coffee table.

Tonight I just had to get a picture of Ruby reading with Daddy before bed.



25 Oct

Ruby loves her “fishies.”



24 Oct

Ruby just loves her pumpkins, especially the baby.



23 Oct

Ruby did NOT want to go to sleep tonight. Here she is in our bed well past her bedtime, smiling for the camera.


Last Weekend

22 Oct

I spent this past weekend in Annapolis with a bunch of my college girlfriends. We had such a good time catching up on the last seven (!) years.

Me being away meant that Matty was on Ruby duty all weekend, and of course he did great! She even got to go to the aquarium. Yesterday Matty and Ruby met up with us in Annapolis for lunch. It was an absolutely gorgeous day–just perfect to continue persuading Ruby to go to the Naval Academy.

Kidding! (But not really).


Last night we (meaning Matty) carved pumpkins. Ruby helped scoop out the guts and was fascinated by the finished products.





Ruby Talks Politics

18 Oct

Ruby was SO excited to receive her Romney onesie today she had to put it on right away.

This inspired her to share her thoughts on the election.