Uh-oh !

3 Oct

This afternoon I was making meatballs and heard Ruby rummaging in one of the kitchen drawers. I turned around and she darted out of the kitchen. My hands were covered with raw hamburger so I had to quickly wash them off before I ran after her. When I stepped into the living room this is what I saw:

She wreaked this havoc in about thirty seconds, then shrugged her shoulders and said “uh-oh!” I am trying to teach her that that is a phrase for accidents, not intentional destruction.
It was a beautiful day so earlier we played outside for a bit.



One Response to “Uh-oh !”

  1. Rachel October 4, 2012 at 4:14 pm #

    I absolutely love that first picture! It screams guilt haha. What a little cutie pie. And we love her “kangaroo climber.” I’m glad to see she’s getting an education on Australian culture.

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