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Ruby & Jenna

19 Dec

Matty and I met our friends Todd and Brandis for dinner in Manhattan tonight. On our walk from Penn Station to the restaurant (Cask, which was awesome), we saw this sign and just had to take a picture:

Of course it made us think of our Ruby and her sweet cousin Jenna. They love each other so much and have such fun together. Here is a picture of them together in California on Christmas Eve last year (they just happened to have matching dresses). I can’t believe how little they both look compared to now!



18 Dec

Mom-Mom and Popsie took us out for sushi tonight and Ruby decided to try her hand at chopsticks. She did pretty well and was delighted with herself.




Santa Part 2

17 Dec

I don’t have access to a scanner right now so I took a picture of Ruby’s Santa picture with my iPhone. This really captures Ruby’s experience–Santa was great and so nice but Ruby just couldn’t quite get into the joyful Christmas spirit.


Santa Part 1

16 Dec

We took Ruby to see Santa today. In a very un-Ruby like turn of events she fell asleep on the way there and then stayed asleep when I took her out of the car. For a good thirty minutes. She finally woke up and saw the big guy, and that picture will be coming soon.

While we were waiting to pick out our picture, Mom-Mom and Popsie took Ruby for a walk around the shopping center. Ruby found this sweet duck and had to visit it fifty times before we left.




21 Months + a Haircut

15 Dec

Ruby is 21 months old today. To celebrate she got a haircut. As you can see she wasn’t thrilled:


Ruby does have nice bangs now, and we love seeing her beautiful eyes without hair in the way.