Sick (but cute)

20 Jan

Poor Ruby woke up screaming at 6 this morning, but by the time I got to her room she had quieted down and gone back to sleep.  At 6:30 she started screaming again so Matty rushed to her room and discovered that she had thrown up.  She came into bed with us and snuggled and nursed for a bit before throwing up all over me.  She is so sad and confused when she vomits, and seems to be saying “Mommy why is this happening to me?!?”  We took a shower and came downstairs and by 10:30 she was ready for a nap.  She slept in my arms until 1, with about 15 minutes of awake time at 11:30, when she got sick again.  Poor thing.  Image

When she woke up at 1 all seemed right with the world, and she has been great the rest of the day.  Ruby even got dressed in her cute new jeans and jacket from Auntie Elizabeth and Uncle Danny, and posed for pictures.  She especially wanted to show off the hearts on her itty bitty butt.ImageImage

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