March for Life

28 Jan

Last Friday was the 2013 March for Life in Washington, DC.  I had been looking forward to going for a long time, but after a week of illness in our house and a sudden, severe cold snap Ruby and I almost stayed home.  At the last minute I decided to head down to the Mall and am so glad we did.

It was bitter cold but the turnout was tremendous (500,00+).  There were throngs of young people in particular and the energy was palpable.  Ruby had a bit of a breakdown so we didn’t stay for the end of the rally or the march itself, but I am so glad to have been there at all.  Wandering among the crowd, I saw many disabled people and beautiful children with Down Syndrome, who are being aborted at a rate of approximately 90%.  I had to wipe tears from my eyes many times as I read simple, homemade signs giving thanks for the gift of life.  Next year I will take two precious babies with me to march for the millions who cannot.

Ruby was nice and snuggly warm bundled up in her stroller blanket:Image


I love GOProud:


These beautiful, happy people made me cry with their simple message of hope and redemption amidst despair:Image

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