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Fort Hunt

19 Jan

Matty, Ruby and I spent some time in the gorgeous, mild weather today exploring Fort Hunt. Ruby loved the playground more than the historical sites.







Passport Photos and a Preggo Pic

19 Jan

Sometimes I forget just how delightful Ruby truly is until I see her through other people’s eyes.  Yesterday I took her to the post office to apply for a passport for our upcoming trip to Australia and she was so very cute.  When it was time to take the picture I had to tell her to open her eyes because she was smiling so much.  Precious!ImageImageImageImageImage

Last night I finally had Matty take a picture of my very pregnant-looking belly.  I will be 19 weeks tomorrow and am looking a lot more pregnant than I did with Ruby at this point!  It’s a bit blurry, but here it is:Image

Nap time!

17 Jan

Matty got home earlier than normal today so he and Ruby decided to take a nap together.


22 Months

15 Jan

Ruby is 22 months today–this last month has really flown by! She has been really fussy and contrary lately, but also sweet and funny when she’s in a good mood.

She wanted to wear my rain boots today but didn’t stand still long enough for me to move back and get a good picture. You can just see them coming up to her hips.


Little Artist

15 Jan

Ruby got a great easel for Christmas from her Gigi and Greatpa (Matty’s grandparents). It didn’t fit in the car when we came home from Christmas so we picked it up this weekend. Ruby is really enjoying expanding her artistic skills!




Reading with Mom-Mom

13 Jan

We are up in NJ for a friend’s christening and yesterday spent a nice day relaxing with family.




11 Jan

I joined a small group at our church (Restoration Anglican in Arlington) in September, and one of the women, Rachel, happens to live right around the corner from us. She and I have been getting together and I am so enjoying her friendship. Ruby just loves her three kids, including Selah (9 months older than Ruby):

and sweet baby Silas: