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Ice Cream

28 Feb

Ruby takes after her Popsie (Matty’s Dad) with her love of ice cream, specifically Breyers Natural Vanilla.




Winkle Winkle

25 Feb

Matty had a lovely visit with Matt and Rachel in Brisbane this past weekend while I was on a church retreat in Pennsylvania. My parents watched Ruby and she had a wonderful time in VA Beach. I was so happy to see her yesterday and she was delighted to see Matty this morning (his flight got in way after her bedtime last night). It is so nice to have our little family together again.

Ruby loves music and I am trying to work on a few songs with her. Today she started (barely) singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” As you can see, we have some work to do, but she is still cute!

A Scratch and a Haircut

21 Feb

Ruby and I had a wonderful dinner with my college friend Colleen and her family last night at their beautiful home in Suffolk. Colleen and her husband TJ’s son, Ryan, is a year old (and adorable!) so their house is very baby-proofed, but Ruby managed to get a huge scratch/bruise/bump on her head by running around like a maniac and crashing into furniture. Kids will be kids. You can see the scratch underneath the hair on her forehead above her left eye.

The other day I went with my Mom and got my first haircut since I chopped all my hair off over the summer. If I keep this haircut pace my next one will be when our new Baby is a few months />


19 Feb

Ruby loved helping Mama make delicious paleo pancakes this morning.



Ruby’s Friend

18 Feb

Ruby wasn’t feeling very well today–maybe she is just missing her Daddy.

A little visit from my parents’ horrid cat, Cafoknap, who Ruby is obsessed with, made her feel better.


Mama’s Knee and Ricky’s Birthday

17 Feb

Matty is en route to Australia for work in Sydney this week and a quick trip to visit Matt and Rachel in Brisbane next weekend, so Ruby and I came down to VA Beach for a week with family. We’ve had this planned for awhile, but on Friday my mom hurt her knee very badly. She is recovering really well and isn’t letting her knee get in the way of Ruby time. Yesterday they read together…
…and today Ruby got a ride down the chairlift at church, which she found super exciting (really!).

Today was Ricky’s ninth birthday and we got to celebrate with him. After a delicious dinner and cake,

Ruby’s cousins taught her “ring around the rosy.”




23 Months + Handydowns

15 Feb

Ruby is exactly 23 months today–I can’t believe she’ll be two years old in a month!  I should probably start planning her birthday party…

She is so funny and delightful, with new words and phrases every day.  Today she pulled Matty’s coffee cup that he uses at work out of his backpack and said “Daddy coffee cup.”  How does she know that?  I almost never drink coffee, and she rarely sees Matty drink it, and I never remember referring to coffee cups before.  Kids really are like little sponges, which I need to remember when tempted to use my Sailor words.

Ruby’s silly favorite thing from the past few days is a brown bear ceramic piggy bank that belonged to me when I was little.  We had it perched on a shelf in her room and she was very insistent that she wanted it.  After cuddling the bear and playing with him for a few days she finally managed to break a big chunk out of him this afternoon, so he will be retired back to his shelf.  This morning though, he kept her company when she was snuggling in our bed.Image

It was a lovely, mild day today she we decided to walk to Del Ray to meet some of our friends for an early supper.  I brought out an adorable jacket that belonged to Ruby’s cousins Megan and then Jenna.  Ruby was SO excited to wear “Megan coat.”


Happy Valentine’s Day!

14 Feb

I love Valentine’s Day. Always have, even though I never had a serious boyfriend until Matty and I started dating when I was 24. It is my favorite of the fake holidays, by far. Perhaps because I love pink and red and hearts and chocolate. Anyway, we are having a lovely day here with our little valentine. Ruby woke up early so we exchanged cards and gifts early. Ruby got a little Minnie Mouse doll from Matty and me that she loves–she is going through a big Minnie stage right now so we also got her a gigantic Minnie card. Tonight instead of going out I ordered us a lobster tail dinner from Black Point Seafood. Fedex delivered it about an hour ago and I am so excited to eat everything. No need for a babysitter, lobster, and my two loves (three really if you count new Baby, which I do)…what more could a girl ask for?

I hope everyone is having a sweet day!photo 3

photo 1

photo 2

Ruby Tuesday

12 Feb

Ruby’s new favorite book is “I Love You Because You’re You.” Today she requested that we read it together on Daddy’s bed.

She also loves to wash her hands, and does so whenever she can.


Sunday Rubyisms

10 Feb

This morning when I opened Ruby’s door to get her out of her crib she smiled at me and said “peekyboo.”

Matty and Ruby went for a run and when they got home he took off his shirt and sat on the couch. Ruby climbed in his lap, touched the hair on his chest, laughed, and said “Daddy coat!” It reminded me of my sweet and lovely 11-year-old niece, Megan (the eldest of the Atwood grandchildren). When she was a baby she liked to rub other peoples’ ears when she was sleepy. One day my dad was holding her and she reached up sleepily and touched his ears, then startled and exclaimed “fuzzy!” It’s hard to believe she is so old and sophisticated now.

Ruby loves reading with her Daddy.