4 Feb

Ruby’s speech has really taken off in the past month or so.  My favorite Ruby word is “naken” for naked, which is her favorite way to be.  She also loves to point out when “Mommy naken” or “Daddy naken.”  She has also been saying full sentences, albeit short ones.  Today I was watching a cooking show and she climbed up in my lap and told me “Ruby no like it.  Mommy change channel please.  Watch Mickey Mouse.”  Image

Ruby also loves to eat whole apples, although she bites off the peels and then spits them out.  She is very adamant about getting the whole apple though–when she asks for one she will say “Ruby want apple please.  Mommy no cut no peel.”  Too cute!  Please ignore the huge stain on her cute elephant shirt in this picture:Image

One Response to “Rubyisms”

  1. Mom February 4, 2013 at 4:00 pm #

    You are so funny. How can you expect us to ingnore the huge stain? Ruby isn’t the first kid to spill stuff on her shirt. It’s amazing how much she is talking andhow big she is.

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