23 Months + Handydowns

15 Feb

Ruby is exactly 23 months today–I can’t believe she’ll be two years old in a month!  I should probably start planning her birthday party…

She is so funny and delightful, with new words and phrases every day.  Today she pulled Matty’s coffee cup that he uses at work out of his backpack and said “Daddy coffee cup.”  How does she know that?  I almost never drink coffee, and she rarely sees Matty drink it, and I never remember referring to coffee cups before.  Kids really are like little sponges, which I need to remember when tempted to use my Sailor words.

Ruby’s silly favorite thing from the past few days is a brown bear ceramic piggy bank that belonged to me when I was little.  We had it perched on a shelf in her room and she was very insistent that she wanted it.  After cuddling the bear and playing with him for a few days she finally managed to break a big chunk out of him this afternoon, so he will be retired back to his shelf.  This morning though, he kept her company when she was snuggling in our bed.Image

It was a lovely, mild day today she we decided to walk to Del Ray to meet some of our friends for an early supper.  I brought out an adorable jacket that belonged to Ruby’s cousins Megan and then Jenna.  Ruby was SO excited to wear “Megan coat.”


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