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Happy Valentine’s Day!

14 Feb

I love Valentine’s Day. Always have, even though I never had a serious boyfriend until Matty and I started dating when I was 24. It is my favorite of the fake holidays, by far. Perhaps because I love pink and red and hearts and chocolate. Anyway, we are having a lovely day here with our little valentine. Ruby woke up early so we exchanged cards and gifts early. Ruby got a little Minnie Mouse doll from Matty and me that she loves–she is going through a big Minnie stage right now so we also got her a gigantic Minnie card. Tonight instead of going out I ordered us a lobster tail dinner from Black Point Seafood. Fedex delivered it about an hour ago and I am so excited to eat everything. No need for a babysitter, lobster, and my two loves (three really if you count new Baby, which I do)…what more could a girl ask for?

I hope everyone is having a sweet day!photo 3

photo 1

photo 2

Ruby Tuesday

12 Feb

Ruby’s new favorite book is “I Love You Because You’re You.” Today she requested that we read it together on Daddy’s bed.

She also loves to wash her hands, and does so whenever she can.


Sunday Rubyisms

10 Feb

This morning when I opened Ruby’s door to get her out of her crib she smiled at me and said “peekyboo.”

Matty and Ruby went for a run and when they got home he took off his shirt and sat on the couch. Ruby climbed in his lap, touched the hair on his chest, laughed, and said “Daddy coat!” It reminded me of my sweet and lovely 11-year-old niece, Megan (the eldest of the Atwood grandchildren). When she was a baby she liked to rub other peoples’ ears when she was sleepy. One day my dad was holding her and she reached up sleepily and touched his ears, then startled and exclaimed “fuzzy!” It’s hard to believe she is so old and sophisticated now.

Ruby loves reading with her Daddy.


Saturday Quotes and Pics

9 Feb

We had a nice, lazy Saturday today. Matty let me sleep in, which was heavenly. Later on we went on a little walk to the park and to pick up a few things at the store. Ruby said some cute stuff today. This morning I told her I wanted to check her diaper and she sighed and said “all right.” At supper she dropped some food on her (naken) chest and said “mess!” and then insisted I clean her up. Lately she has been SO sweet at bedtime. She nurses for a few minutes and then when I put her in her crib she snuggles in and tells me “night” and “sweet dreams.” We just love our Ruby.
photophoto 1photo 2



8 Feb

Ruby got her passport today and is pretty excited about her upcoming trip to Australia!


7 Feb

Ruby loves babies, especially my friend Rachel’s baby Silas. I can’t say I blame her–he is an adorable little boy who sweetly tolerates Ruby’s demonstrations of affection. Today I was holding Silas and Ruby stretched out her arms to me and said “want it Mommy!” I had her sit down and did a little photo shoot. I love both of their facial expressions.


This is Ruby demonstrating how to be “suave con el bebe” (gentle with the baby):


This one is my favorite:


No want go store!

6 Feb

Ruby did NOT want to go to the store with me this morning, so she passively resisted me on the stairs and loudly voiced her opposition. I managed to convince her that we would have fun and she behaved really well. I think all of the samples at Costco helped!