Well hello there third trimester

18 Mar

As of yesterday I am officially in my third trimester! Woohoo! The next three months are going to be super busy so the time should fly by, just like the first two trimesters have.

Matty took this picture of me tonight before I went to the Alexandria Commission for Women’s Salute to Women Awards Banquet. My Commonwealth Republican Women’s Club was a major sponsor of the banquet and one of our members received an award. I am pretty sure that out of the hundreds of people who attended we were the only Republicans, which ended up being nice because former Governor Jim Gilmore sat at our table. My family actually campaigned to elect him Attorney General back in 1993, along with George Allen for Governor and Michael Farris for Lieutenant Governor. That was my first foray into politics, and it was fun to talk to Jim 20 years later. He gave me a pin as thanks for my work back then, at the age of eleven.

For a quick Ruby fix here is our darling girl at Target today, eating the cherry Chapstick that she fished out of my purse. I am letting her because she is being quiet and well-behaved. Ah parenthood.


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