Away We Go!

24 Mar

After a lovely and low-key 31st birthday yesterday, Ruby and I left on our big California/Australia adventure this afternoon. Ruby flew across the country a dozen times in her first year but has barely flown this year so I was a bit apprehensive about this whole undertaking. She actually did pretty well, which I didn’t realize until the people who sat across the aisle mentioned how good she was at the end of the six hour flight. I think that we are always hardest on our own kids. I know that it was really hard for her to try and sit still for so long, so all in all I will call it a success. Now to conquer the 14 hour flight to Brisbane on Wednesday….

When we finally got to San Diego my parents met us at the airport and we all headed up to Elise’s house for dinner (delicious) and to meet her boyfriend (two thumbs up). It was so nice to hang out and catch up with her and Adam, and Ruby was thrilled to reunite with her aunt and uncle, and Elise’s horse Charlie.


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