9 Apr

Yesterday we had a fabulous time in downtown Brisbane and I got a bunch of great pictures. At our last stop, as I attempted to capture Ruby frolicking in a water park, I dropped my phone. In the water. My dad shook as much of the water out as he could and it has been chilling out in a container of rice since last night, so I am praying that it works when I turn it on tomorrow. For today, my mom let me use her phone so that I could take pictures and post.

Well then. Today. Rach and Matt took us on a beautiful drive up into the mountains to a gorgeous little town called Montville. We meandered about, looking in shops, and eating delicious fudge. It is SO GREEN here and everything feels fresh and new. We are all just loving Australia.

Here is a vi

Ruby walking with Rachel:

and Adam (I am always behind because I am now pretty unbearably slow):

Mom, Ruby, and Rachel at a cute little cafe where we had lunch:


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