Brisbane River

10 Apr

Today we just relaxed around the house, but the day before yesterday we had a very full, fabulous day exploring both sides of the Brisbane River. Towards the end of our adventure I dropped my phone in the water (not the river; the splash area for kids), but after soaking in rice for almost two days it appears to be working just fine–hallelujah! I took a bunch of pictures, so here they are…

We took the train in and them Ruby wanted me to carry her while we walked to our first stop–a restaurant right on the water. She fell asleep on the way there and napped until we were all done eating.


After lunch Ruby showed PopPop the boats on the water:

Then we got to ride down the river on a (free!) ferry:


We visited Matt’s father at his beautiful office overlooking the river, and he suggested that we walk over to Queensland University of Technology (both his and Matt’s alma mater) to experience the cube, which is an amazing interactive display depicting the Great Barrier Reef. We were all enthralled, especially Ruby:


After the cube we walked over the river on the pedestrian bridge where Matt proposed to Rachel. Here they are standing in right where the magical moment happened:

The South Bank of the river has an awesome public pool and kiddie splash area where Ruby LOVED frolicking about. She was shivering and had blue lips but refused to quit playing “at the beach.” This is the only picture I got of her before I dropped my phone:

Every day here has been amazing, but Monday may have been my favorite thus far. Tomorrow morning Elise flies in, so our last five days here should be the best yet!

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