Splish Splash!

11 Apr

We had so much fun at South Bank the other day that we decided to take Ruby to “the beach” again today. Elise arrived this morning and Ruby was so happy to see her and have her along for another adventure.

Rachel took all but the first two pictures today–I was too scared to have my phone anywhere near the water, and Rach captured Ruby beautifully, as usual.

We started off at the lovely Gaythorne train station, which we are all becoming quite familiar with. Luckily it is a short walk from Matt and Rach’s house, and then we have a nice ride into the city:


It was a little chilly at first so we persuaded Ruby to try playing at the playground for a bit instead of swimming straight away:


Even though it never really warmed up, there were tons of kids enjoying the water and Ruby was desperate to join them. Of course she had a fabulous time splashing about:





After a wonderful time in the water Ruby finally gave into the cold and let me snuggle her and then dress her to come back home:


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