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Lazy Days

7 Apr

The past few days here have been nice and lazy. It is lovely to be visiting for long enough to be able to just relax together and not feel like we are wasting time.

At church today Rachel baptized three of the girls under her charge as the children’s pastor. This was her first time and she did a wonderful job. Being from the Anglican tradition, it was really interesting to witness full immersion for the first time. While Rachel was in the baptismal pool Ruby kept calling to her and waving, and she was very glad to have her back in the seats with us.

Back at home Ruby decided she wanted to use the loo but forgot to take off her bloomers and diaper:

It’s been a bit rainy so we have been staying inside for the most part. I think that Ruby is ready for an excursion. Luckily we have one planned for tomorrow!



4 Apr

Today Mom, Dad, Rachel, her sister-in-law Courtenay, Ruby, and I all headed into the city of Brisbane for some sightseeing. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and we had a fabulous time.

Ruby enjoyed the train ride in:

I love this picture of Mom and Dad in front of a very pretty casino downtown:

Ruby spotted the “Wheel of Brisbane” and desperately wanted to ride:

Rachel, Courtenay, and I decided that was a good idea so we took Ruby up for a beautiful (if slightly scary!) ride:



All in all a really fun day with lots of pretty scenery and great company!

Yummy Ice Cream

3 Apr

Somebody is still a little jet-lagged:

This afternoon Rachel and I went for prenatal massages. Mine was the least relaxing, most painful, best massage I have ever had. I really felt like the masseur was taking apart my muscles and putting them back together again, which is exactly what I needed. My lower back has been in tremendous pain, so I am hoping that this helps.

This evening Matt’s parents took us out for a lovely dinner with his grandparents, and afterwards we ate delicious Aussie ice





2 Apr

We had a nice lazy day today, so no exciting pictures. Ruby had fun playing peek-a-boo with PopPop:

Rachel continues her streak of great Ruby pictures with these two of her eating oranges at the kitchen counter:



Crocodiles and Koalas and Kangaroos, Oh My!

1 Apr

After a fabulous brunch with Matt’s family this morning we headed to the Australia Zoo. The zoo surpassed all of my expectations. It is beautiful and full of a plethora of Australian and foreign animals. My favorite part was all of the interaction with the animals–we actually got to touch plenty of koalas and kangaroos! Ruby of course had a blast, and I am so grateful that Uncle Matt, Auntie Rachel, Mama and PopPop were happy to chase her around because I am slowing down big-time.

Ruby napped in the car on the way there and was fairly dazed and confused upon our arrival, so Auntie Rachel got to practice her baby-wearing skills:

Ruby was much braver than her mother and actually got up close and personal with a huge Burmese python:

At the petting zoo Ruby told a sweet little girl that she could pet the goats:

We ran into this nice koala handler as he walked across the park and he let Ruby pet his charge:

Uncle Matt introduced Ruby to a kangaroo:

and a pademelon:

Ruby wasn’t sure about this gorgeous tiger:

but she had a whole conversation with this lizard, who was also meandering about the grounds:

At the end of the day our girl was exhausted so PopPop carried her to the car while she snuggled him:

We really did have the best day. Ruby was so interested in the animals and was always concerned when she saw “babies” without their mommies. I will leave you with this last picture of our sweet girl: