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6 Days Overdue at the Zoo

23 Jun

Ronny, Rebecca, and the kids are visiting this weekend, which is always fun. We had planned on having a little baby to entertain everyone but as he or she has decided not to show up yet we had to seek out some alternate entertainment. Mom suggested the zoo, so off we went.

The weather was drizzly when we left the house but cleared up and became a humid oven as the day went on. It was uncomfortable but I can’t complain–this is the first true DC summer day I have experienced this year.

The kids all had a great time as I tried really hard to walk the baby out. We’ll see if it worked, but regardless we all had a nice time and got some good pictures.







If the baby doesn’t come tonight I have a non-stress test and midwife appointment tomorrow.


20 Jun

Matty’s parents came back last night to wait for Baby, so Ruby has been especially busy today, going to the park and playing at her “beach” twice. She is particularly tired right now and will be going to bed a little earlier than usual.

I had an appointment with one of my midwives today and everything still looks good. Baby is in perfect position, so he or she just needs to make a move and we will be in business. My next appointment is on Monday but I am hoping to have the baby before then!


Ruby’s Beach

19 Jun

Matty and I decided that Ruby needed a distraction this summer, so we got her a wading pool and a water table, which she collectively calls her beach. This afternoon she frolicked in the water, naked as a jay bird, and had such a good time.

Meanwhile we are still waiting for baby.



Officially Overdue

18 Jun

Still no baby, but I can’t really complain because life has been pretty nice with my Mommy here taking care of me. Plenty of sleep, delicious meals, help with Ruby…not too shabby!

Seriously, I was disappointed when my contractions stopped on Sunday night because I was getting really excited to meet this little baby, and I am hoping that things pick up here soon. In the meantime I am trying to be patient and enjoy this time with Ruby. Matty and I also got a date night tonight, which was amazing–thanks Mom!




Waiting for Baby

16 Jun

I thought I was making good progress today but things have slowed down since supper. Hopefully they will pick up again soon–Matty’s parents are on their way down from NJ and I am ready to have this baby!

In the meantime, Ruby and I are bouncing on my yoga ball and we took her bunny for a walk to get things moving.



Return of the Pigtails!

15 Jun

My mom put adorable pigtails in Ruby’s short hair today. As you can see, Ruby liked them:

I love this picture of Ruby with her Daddy. They have the best time together.

Still no baby news…

Happy Flag Day!

14 Jun

And even more importantly, happy birthday to my wonderful sister Elise! Ruby really wanted to help Elise blow out her candles today, but the 3,000 miles between us made that difficult.

Today has been my target due date since I found out I was due in such close proximity to Elise’s birthday, but alas I do not think that is going to happen. I did go in for labor induction acupuncture and then we all went on a nice walk, which has produced some contractions. Hopefully they continue and this baby is born sooner rather than later! We shall see.

I can’t believe I am posting these because I look SO HUGE but here we are on our walk this evening: