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Point Pleasant

22 Aug

Last night for a special treat we went down to the boardwalk at Point Pleasant Beach. The weather was perfect–cool and breezy–and our little thrill seeker was in all her glory. Most of the rides were too fast to get anything but super blurry pictures, but we did get a few on the slower rides.

Here she is flying a helicopter:

:photo 1


Riding “Nemo fish:”

photo 2


Riding yet another horse she named Charlie:

photo 3


I wish that I could bottle up her sheer joy on all of the rides. Strangers were amazed at her fearlessness on the roller coaster, but we have all come to expect it.

Joe had a good time too, just taking in all of the fun sights and sounds:

photo 4

A Friend and a Bath

22 Aug

On Wednesday our friend Amee came over with her sweet daughter Eleanor. ┬áRuby and Eleanor got along like two peas in a pod–I wish we all lived closer!



Joe loved his nice warm bath, even though the tub is a little small!

photo 1 photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 5

Storybook Land

22 Aug

On Tuesday we headed down to Storybook Land in Egg Harbor Township. It is a quaint little amusement park aimed at young kids that has been around since 1955. Ruby was able to ride almost all of the rides and absolutely LOVED everything. She is really fearless and would yell “again, again!” at the end of every ride, even the roller coaster. Joe was really good and we all had a wonderful time.

To cool off we decided to lounge around the pool and take a dip.

On the little train:Image

Ruby riding her horse “Charlie” on the carousel:Image

Joe napping in the stroller:Image

Chillin by the pool when we got home:Image

photo 5

Jersey Vacation

22 Aug

Matty didn’t take his paternity leave right away so that we could do a nice vacation with his family in New Jersey in August. We have been up here since last Thursday and have been having so much fun! On Monday we went to Holmdel Park. Ruby was in all her glory, talking to chickens:

ImagePetting a kitten:Image

Swinging with Daddy:Image


ImageJoe had fun too!


Sick Joey

22 Aug

We went down to Norfolk to visit my family two weekends ago and while we were there Joey got sick. He woke up on Sunday with a fever of 100.7 so Matty and I took him to Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters (CHKD). Because he was only 6 weeks old they decided to admit him, test his blood, and do a lumbar puncture to rule out bacterial meningitis. He also received IV antibiotics just in case he did have meningitis because by the time the test came back it would have been too late to prevent serious damage.

Obviously this was scary because Joey was so little but the hospital staff was excellent and he was fever-free by Monday morning. We had to stay until the tests came back on Tuesday, which were all negative. I am very grateful for the wonderful care he received and that all he had was some sort of virus.

The lumbar puncture traumatized me more than Joe:


Sick but still smiley in his tiny Looney Toons hospital gown:





PopPop put him to sleep for the ride back to Alexandria:


Pictures from August

22 Aug

Ruby’s new friend:

Typical morning:

Helping out:

So sweet:



Mommy’s boy:


Joey loves Daddy:

New stroller:

My baby Buddha:




Just the Three of Us

22 Aug

This is how we spend a LOT of our time when Daddy is at work…



…it’s not always happy time: