21 Sep

We are thrilled to add another baby to our family! My sister Rachel and her husband Matt just had their first child, Noah Matthew. He is absolutely precious and we can’t wait to meet him in November. As Ruby says: “aw I dwove (love) that baby!”20130921-215039.jpg
My Matty is studying for his Command Qualification Exam this weekend so the kids and I came down to Norfolk to give him peace and quiet, which is a rare commodity around our house these days. Ruby and Joe have been having so much fun with their other cousins and PopPop; Mama is in Australia with Baby Noah and we all miss her.20130921-215447.jpg20130921-215457.jpg
Megan especially loves taking care of Joe and he just adores her:20130921-215544.jpg
We all went to a movie at the zoo last night, which was fun and chilly.20130921-215706.jpg20130921-215715.jpg20130921-215731.jpg
Today we walked to a nice, shady park on a little lake.20130921-215815.jpg20130921-215847.jpg






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