To Market to Market

2 Oct

The kids and I had a little adventure today. I needed pork cheeks and slab bacon for a chili so we headed down to Eastern Market. As we were entering the Pentagon City metro stop a news crew tried to interview me about the shutdown. Ruby was itching to get on the train so I refused and kept walking.

Once we got to Capitol Hill I decided to take Ruby to a park so that she could burn off some energy and I could nurse Joe. The play areas in Lincoln Park were padlocked due to the shutdown (there were signs) but the side gates had been left open so we were able to play. CNN had a camera crew there but they did not try to talk to me.




After the park we went to the market, where pork cheeks were nowhere to be found (I got pork shoulder instead). At the bakery I ran into Dennis Kucinich and had a lovely chat, during which he asked me if the kids are twins. Ruby fell asleep in the stroller, which was a nice change of pace. She stayed asleep through the metro ride home.

When we got home I started cooking and my friend Shawna came over. Later our friends Charlie and Margaret came to dinner. Sweet Joe kept me company while I cooked.



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