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22 Oct

Ruby calls strollers “strollerwalks.” Yesterday Ruby wanted to push Joey in her doll stroller. His chubby little legs didn’t quite fit through the leg holes but we made it work.


No More Strings!

18 Oct

Ruby got her stitches (she called them her strings) out today–hooray! She was very brave and is happy to have them out.

This afternoon we all drove out to Harrisonburg for our church retreat. Here is Joe lounging on Ruby’s bed while I packed:

Because of some traffic and an accident we didn’t get into town until almost 9 tonight, and wanted to get some dinner. We were totally *those parents* with babies in a bar late at night, but the kids behaved beautifully despite some nasty looks from fellow patrons.



Joe Crying and Ruby Reading

17 Oct

Joe is a pretty happy baby so most of you have never seen his sad face.


Doesn’t it just break your heart?

I hate to leave a anyone with that image of Joe, so here is our sweet boy in his natural state:

Ruby decided to read “Go Dog Go” to me tonight.



16 Oct

The kids and I had a busy day today: Target, the doctor to get Ruby’s stitches out (they weren’t ready yet so we are going back on Friday), two trips to the Tricare office, and the commissary. Both Ruby and Joe were very well-behaved–hooray!

Here is Ruby ready to see the doctor:

She drew a picture while I was talking to the Tricare rep. This is how Ruby holds a pen:

Joe is already acting like a pesky little brother at times, especially when he pulls Ruby’s hair:




Nap time for Ruby

15 Oct

We drove back from New Jersey last night and got in late, so the kids and I were tired today. We didn’t do much and just stuck around the house all day. Ruby passed out on the couch for a few hours, which was a nice break for me. Joe was happy to have me all to himself for a little bit.





13 Oct

We are back in New Jersey for the weekend and visited a corn maze today. For a minute I thought that we would be wandering around in there forever but we eventually found our way out.

Here is Ruby swinging with Tio and Popsie before we went in:

Ruby in the maze:

Joe in the maze:

The four of us :


Fall has Fallen

10 Oct

It’s a cold and rainy day and I was finally able to break out some cute warm clothes for the kids. They weren’t terribly cooperative for our fall photoshoot.





Stitches Day Two

8 Oct

We took Ruby ‘s band-aid off for the first time this evening. None of us had actually seen the stitches before the doctor covered them up , so this was our first peek.


We had to wash the wound and then put another band-aid on. Ruby wasn’t happy about it but did pretty well with everything. She did get some Tylenol today because she kept saying “my boo-boo hurts!” Hopefully tomorrow she will feel better.

Joe has been rolling and moving all over the floor but keeps eluding my video. Perhaps tomorrow…



7 Oct

This afternoon I was sitting at the computer in the living room trying to sign us up for dental insurance when Ruby suddenly screamed and then ran in from the kitchen. She was completely naked and covered in blood.

It was terrifying.

I grabbed Ruby and saw that she had a deep cut on her left thumb, between the base and the joint. Fingers bleed a lot so it seemed much worse than it actually was. She had climbed onto the counter and opened a keurig cup with a sharp knife from the knife block, cutting herself in the process.

The cut looked bad enough that I decided to take her to the ER. Fortunately Matty was able to come with us because it would have been a rough trip alone. The doctor was excellent and did end up giving Ruby four stitches . To do this they strapped her to a body board, leaving only her left arm free. You can imagine how much Ruby enjoyed that.

She seems fine now and I am just grateful that it wasn’t worse.

Waiting for the doctor:

The nurse gave her a Popsicle when it was all over:

Lounging with Joe after the hospital:

Joe. Because he is so cute:


Beat Air Force!

5 Oct

We all went to the Navy/Air Force game in Annapolis today. It was crazy hot and humid but we still had fun. Joe met my company-mate Wes, who is going to become a father in March…

…and our friend Lauren, who served with Matty on Rushmore.

Ruby had fun with our friend Ashley and her cute pug Leroy.

When Ruby had had enough fun (well before halftime), Matty carried both her and Joe out of the stadium. Best. Husband. Ever.

Bedtime tonight went much better than last night. Ruby screamed for a while but she fell asleep in her own bed instead of our floor, which she prefers, before 8:30. We’ll call that a success. Baby steps.