Halloween and Beyond

5 Nov

So Halloween was almost a week ago and I am just now getting around to posting pictures. That’s just how I roll these days I guess.

Halloween was actually super fun. We had a really classy party in our driveway and garage with new and old friends. Matty dressed up as Walter White from “Breaking Bad” and even handed out fake Blue Sky to anyone in the know. Ruby was an owl again, Joe was a monster, and I was a pirate. These are the best pictures we got (really):


On Friday morning we recovered from the party and then drove down to Norfolk for the weekend. On Saturday we got to watch Megan and Ricky play their last soccer games of the season. They both played really well and even scored goals. Ruby and Joe played with Jenna and Ben during the games.



Today the kids and I walked down to vote and then went to the park and out for lunch. Ruby behaved beautifully. Joe slept the whole time.





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