Thanksgiving Weekend in New Jersey

1 Dec

These were my children on Tuesday afternoon, shortly before we left DC to head north for the long weekend:


I probably should not have let them sleep then but I had stuff to do. In any case, the trip ended up being extremely long (we went 16 miles in the first two hours ) and Ruby and Joe didn’t sleep much, even though we got in close to midnight. Thank God we have the new van–at least we were comfortable.

On Wednesday Joe ate food for the first time–homemade applesauce. He LOVED it, so much so that he cried when I took away the spoon.


Ruby and her (second?) cousin Abby played the organ together at Gigi and Great’s on Thanksgiving:

Auntie Natalie brought Ruby a cookie decorating kit and Ruby had so much fun with it!

To use up the leftover icing Natalie used Ruby for her canvass, which the dogs enjoyed:



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