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Spring with Friends

9 Mar

Yesterday was beautifully, gloriously warm and sunny, and we were fortunate to spend it reconnecting with wonderful friends. We met Jeff and Lauren (both Matty’s shipmates from Rushmore) for lunch and then went to a park so Ruby could play and get out some of her boundless energy. Unfortunately my phone ran out of storage but I did get two cute pictures.



Boring Week

7 Mar

This week has been very low-key, but it did start with a snow storm which meant that Daddy got the day off on Monday and a late start on Tuesday. Joe loved the snow:

The kids love to nuggle together on our bed in the mornings:


We went over to play with some of Ruby’s friends today and she had such a good time that she did NOT want to leave. This is her in the midst of a 30 minute temper tantrum upon our return home, during which she climbed back into her car seat and buckled herself in. Please note her lack of jacket and shoes, despite the still frigid weather and my attempts to clothe her properly. Ruby’s shirt says “and though she be but little, she is fierce,” which is sometimes almost painfully true.


Union Market

2 Mar

Matty went to Philadelphia for the commissioning of the USS Somerset, so Elise and I decided to take the kids to Union Market in DC. It was a beautiful day and we all enjoyed great food and fun ambience. We bought osso bucco to make for dinner, which turned out delicious.

Joe did not want to get dressed in the morning:

Ruby loves the metro…

…and walking around the city:

Auntie Elise and Joe in front of Union Market: