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Lazy Days

31 Aug

We’ve been having nice, lazy days; hanging around with Popsie:

Drawing on the driveway:


Exploring the backyard with Daddy:



At the park in Highlands:







Lavalette 2013

23 Aug

Today we had a Jersey Shore beach day in Lavalette. We met Mom’s cousin Kathy and Kathy’s niece Rosie, who Ruby just adores (she calls her “my fwiend Wosie”). It was a gorgeous day–breezy and not too hot. Joe slept pretty much the whole time but Ruby kept Popsie, Matty, and especially Rosie on their toes.

Here Ruby is relaxing:

Swimming in the ocean:


Playing with Daddy:



Flying and spinning with Rosie:


Joe was there too! He took a long nap:

Woke up happy:

Snuggled with Rosie:


Jersey Vacation

22 Aug

Matty didn’t take his paternity leave right away so that we could do a nice vacation with his family in New Jersey in August. We have been up here since last Thursday and have been having so much fun! On Monday we went to Holmdel Park. Ruby was in all her glory, talking to chickens:

ImagePetting a kitten:Image

Swinging with Daddy:Image


ImageJoe had fun too!


6 Days Overdue at the Zoo

23 Jun

Ronny, Rebecca, and the kids are visiting this weekend, which is always fun. We had planned on having a little baby to entertain everyone but as he or she has decided not to show up yet we had to seek out some alternate entertainment. Mom suggested the zoo, so off we went.

The weather was drizzly when we left the house but cleared up and became a humid oven as the day went on. It was uncomfortable but I can’t complain–this is the first true DC summer day I have experienced this year.

The kids all had a great time as I tried really hard to walk the baby out. We’ll see if it worked, but regardless we all had a nice time and got some good pictures.







If the baby doesn’t come tonight I have a non-stress test and midwife appointment tomorrow.

Happy Flag Day!

14 Jun

And even more importantly, happy birthday to my wonderful sister Elise! Ruby really wanted to help Elise blow out her candles today, but the 3,000 miles between us made that difficult.

Today has been my target due date since I found out I was due in such close proximity to Elise’s birthday, but alas I do not think that is going to happen. I did go in for labor induction acupuncture and then we all went on a nice walk, which has produced some contractions. Hopefully they continue and this baby is born sooner rather than later! We shall see.

I can’t believe I am posting these because I look SO HUGE but here we are on our walk this evening:



Three Weddings and a Surgery

12 Jun

I realize that I have been absent from my little corner of the Internet for over a month, but I have had the best of intentions. Once I finally got around to publishing my post about our journey back from Australia, I realized another huge post was required to detail what else we have been up to–mainly galavanting around the eastern United States attending three beautiful weddings and a major surgery for my Dad as our new baby continues to gestate. Due to said gestation and a certain adorable yet precocious two-year-old I just haven’t been able to work up the energy to go into as much detail as is warranted for all occasions, but here is a peak:

My good friend Wes from both New Mexico Military Institute and the Naval Academy married beautiful Mary Katherine in Chattanooga, TN the weekend after we got back from Australia. My parents (bless them) watched Ruby so Matty and I could go alone, which was wonderful. Here are a few pictures (Wes is with me in the second):




Matty’s baby brother Dave proposed to his sweet and wonderful girlfriend Natalie in early April and she said yes! Originally they planned on a wedding next summer but then decided that they couldn’t wait, so they got married less than a month later. Natalie was gorgeous and everything was lovely. Ruby was their flower girl and I was very huge at 36 (?) weeks pregnant:



We set Matty’s cousin Lauren up with our good friend Pat about a year and a half ago, with spectacular success. Their beautiful wedding was in Cape May, NJ in mid-May. Sadly I did not get any pictures of the wedding, but here we are at the beach:



Amid all of the wedding bliss my Dad discovered that he had a giant tumor floating around in his abdomen, which was as scary as you can imagine. Ruby and I went down to VA Beach for the surgery, which went extraordinarily well and revealed a completely benign tumor (praise God!). Even though we weren’t there for a happy reason Ruby got to spend quality time with her cousins:



Those are the highlights, although we have had a few other trips and visits. My due date is this Monday(!), and I do plan on posting more regularly now that I am semi-caught-up.

Home Sweet Home

6 May

Wow. I can’t believe we have been home almost three weeks and I am just now getting around to posting about our return journey. In my defense we have been really busy, with two trips out of town (and another one coming up tomorrow), and a visit from Matty’s family. Also, while readjusting to East Coast time, Ruby decided to start climbing out of her crib, so we have moved her to her sweet toddler bed. Thus, our two year old has been getting up in the middle of the night and wandering into our room, and then I sit with her until she falls back asleep. Oh, and I was sick with a stomach bug all last week. And I am now 34 weeks pregnant. So yeah, we’ve been pretty busy here.

Ok so for the trip home. It actually went really well–much better than I had hoped. It was so hard to say goodbye to Matt and Rachel after such a wonderful visit, but thankfully we get to see them again in December, with their new baby!

We flew out of Brisbane at 10:30 on Tuesday morning, so Ruby was well rested. I had reserved our seats, leaving middle seats open between us in the hope that they would remain unoccupied. My plan worked and the five of us (my mom and dad, my sister Elise, Ruby, and I) had seven seats, which made the 13 hour flight much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Upon settling in, Ruby promptly spilled water all over herself and then insisted on being naken for a few hours. Of course I had extra clothes on hand but wanted to pick my battles very carefully in such a confined and crowded space.

Ruby only slept for about 90 minutes total (not continuously), but everyone helped keep her entertained. She fussed a bit here and there, but really was very very good.

We finally arrived in LA feeling quite exhausted and all went through customs together. This is a terrible picture of Elise (sorry!) but it pretty perfectly captures how we were all feeling at LAX:

After customs we all had breakfast together, then my parents headed over to Southwest to catch their flights home. Elise helped Ruby and I walk over to Alaska Airlines and get checked in for our (direct!) flight back to DC before leaving to catch her train back to San Diego. We had a long layover (so hours total) and Ruby passed out for about two hours on a chair on the terminal–she was seriously dead asleep!

Our final flight was the fastest I have ever flown across country–I think we were only airborne for a little over four hours. A lovely woman sat in our row and was super sweet and helpful with Ruby. We finally landed at Reagan at about 8:30 at night and were both SO THRILLED to finally see Matty. We had both missed him so much, and there is nothing like 28 hours of international travel to make you really appreciate being home with your family.