27 Dec

Today was a little bit trying. It started out great, with a lovely breakfast at Matty’s Aunt Jill’s house. We got on the road back to Virginia at 9:30, leaving plenty of time for me to make it to a 2:30 appointment. Around 10:30 we were driving down the New Jersey Turnpike in Matty’s FJ Cruiser, packed to the gills with Christmas gifts. Ruby had finally stopped screaming and fallen asleep when we saw break lights. We sat for well over an hour, barely crawling along until we finally passed the terrible accident that had caused the crash. Ruby was miserable for most of the trip so Matty and I were too.

I had to reschedule my appointment, my nerves were frayed by the time we got home and the task of unpacking completely overwhelmed me. Then I found out that a family of three from Georgia had died in the terrible crash and it put things in perspective. How lucky I am to have a healthy, sweet little girl and wonderful husband. We had a rough few hours but that paled in comparison to the happy life we live.


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