G’day Mates!

28 Mar

We made it to Australia safe and sound after an unexpectedly pleasant 14 hour flight. Ruby started off screaming before takeoff and I could sense the apprehension of the people around us, but she nursed through takeoff and promptly fell asleep. She actually stayed asleep while Mom and I settled her into her makeshift bed, and slept for about six hours straight–hooray!

Ruby did fuss a little off and on but was pretty good for the rest of the flight–much better than I expected from an over active barely-two-year-old. She did have a major meltdown while in line at customs, but the friendly Aussie customs official ushered us to the front of a very long line as a result. Excellent.

Rachel and Matt have of course made us feel right at home immediately, and Ruby just adores both of them. Here she is helping fix lunch:

We just returned from a lovely walk where Auntie Rachel got to hone her stroller-pushing skills…

…and Ruby got to play at a playground that is conveniently located right by the house.


Ruby is now finally napping after a very long day and night. We all wish we had just a fraction of her energy!

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